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If anyone reaches out asking you to book a reading, it is likely a scam and should be reported.

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Tarot Healing Sessions

All Tarot Healing sessions are booked through my links ONLY. I will never reach out to you directly or by private message to book a reading with me. If this occurs, please block and report all scammers.

My specialties are working to uncover (subconscious) blocks that may be holding you back from stepping into your power and living a more authentic life (I love transformational healing work)! Because I work a lot within the subconscious, it may take a little while to process some of the messages. It's best to give yourself the time and space as you let the messaging do its work out of sight. Drink a lot of water, get a lot of rest, and practice self-care routines for the best results! Especially for heavier readings, consider working through any new revelations with a mental health professional. If you are struggling to find mental health support, I am happy to provide additional resources!

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I had a wonderful tarot reading with Sam. She was very friendly, fun and insightful. She explained the meaning of each card and how it related to my situation. She also gave me some practical advice and guidance on how to achieve my goals. I felt very reassured and inspired by her reading! I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for a genuine and accurate tarot reading. Thanks again, Sam! Appreciate you.

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The tarot reading was great! Very helpful and good guidance.

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THE BEST tarot reading I've ever had!

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I read tarot cards and have gotten my cards read by many readers. I love how Sam integrates human design and astrology in her readings. What’s more, her readings have been some of the most accurate I have ever gotten. To be honest, a lot of the time I feel like something is off with readers — perhaps a mix of my Virgo perfectionism and being a reader myself — but Sam is so incredibly intuitive and empathetic. Highly recommend.

Esoteric Tarot Card

Sam was able to break way beyond the surface of my questions and track my current blockages straight to the roots. Her ability to read into the symbols of the cards was incredible, with so many powerful and clear-as-day pointers to what I’m currently struggling with, what is coming up in the future, and parts of my past that still need to be healed for me to move forward successfully. I’m so excited to have the direction that i need—it’s the kind of support and healing that will create the worthwhile difference I’m looking for 💙


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So happy my girlfriend and I were able to book this! Sam was able to provide us with some much-needed insight and clarity. She is so warm, caring and compassionate. Definitely recommend getting a reading from Sam!

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Sam was so sweet and took the time to listen to everything I shared. the reading really resonated with me and she approached it with so much empathy. I would definitely recommend scheduling a reading with her!

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I went into the reading with a vague question and Sam made it super fun and comfortable. Everything from the reading resonates and helped me get confirmation on my path forward. Even though my reading was 15 minutes, Sam took plenty of time and care with going through all the cards and making sure got as much out of it as I needed.

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Every card Sam pulled and every word she spoke during my reading with her resonated 100% with where I am in my life, what I have been experiencing, and what I hope to create and welcome into my life moving forward. What an invigorating experience. Thank you, Sam!

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Sam is warm, kind, and very insightful! She reads thoroughly and explains concepts in easy-to-understand ways. I appreciate her asking questions and following up – I feel connected to Sam's practice and would love to return for another reading in the future!

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Sam definitely knows her cards! She did a very extensive tarot card reading for me. Everything tied together so meaningfully and resonated with me.

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Sam's readings are always insightful and valuable! I love having confirmation I am heading the the right direction and some gentle course-correcting when I am a bit off course. Sam is truly amazing!

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Sam is wonderful! She is an excellent listener, and extremely knowledgeable about Tarot. She doesn't make you feel rushed and is very thorough in her readings. She takes time to explain everything and consistently checks in with you to make sure that your questions are being answered.

Esoteric Tarot Card
Esoteric Tarot Card

Great experience. I went into the reading looking for some insight on career and received that plus some guidance on broader life related topics. The reading was very personalized and I definitely spent the better part of my day afterwards doing some introspection and reflection. Already on waitlist for another reading within the next couple of months :-) THANKS AGAIN

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I could immediately feel how sweet and kind Sam's energy was and she really understood my intentions for our tarot healing session. She showcased her strong intuition by reading the cards and applying it to my situation. Her reading truly resonated with me and showed that she has a natural gift! She is a light in this world and it was super lovely to connect with her!

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This was my first tarot experience and I loved it. Sam was so thoughtful and really made sure to explain everything thoroughly! I’d highly recommend booking a session with Saussie Tarot for anyone interested in even just trying it out.

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