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Sam M.


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Certified Tarot Advisor & Healer

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Champion

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Community Builder & Networker

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Human Rights & Equity Advocate

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Loving Human

About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal landing page! I am so excited to share my passions with you! As you may have seen, my name is Sam (she/her/hers) and I love being inspired, especially by and with my communities. I LOVE collaborating and I LOVE getting to work alongside open-minded, heart-centered humans doing the good work in this world! I surround myself with caring individuals who all share a common passion of making this world a better place in our own ways with our own lived experiences. My vision is to build bridges that bring people together by influencing them to their own personal power, understanding, and self-love! I am a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,, Belonging, and Justice Advocate and have the pleasure of working alongside so many amazing humans dedicating their lives to creating the change. I can't wait for you to see what I have been up to and see what resonates with you! I'd love to connect and see how we might support each other! With Love and Light, Sam

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Conscious Altruism

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Mission Statement

1) To provide fertile grounds for passionate leaders, changemakers, advocates, and community members to plant the seeds that lead to mobilizing and driving grassroots movements. To help build the momentum needed to reach global impact.

2) To spark a national equity movement by re-envisioning what a tier-less system could look like. To lower financial barriers for those in need to access quality resources, support, guidance, and opportunities by recognizing the power in numbers and breaking down our oppressive foundations rooted in privilege and power imbalances.

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Elevating human rights for TwoSpirit, Trans, & Gender Diverse people cross Washington State & beyond

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Win with Williamson

I support Marianne Williamson because I believe in a better future. Someone who cares about the PEOPLE over corporate greed, systemic oppression and corruption.

Marianne Williamson is:


Pro-Climate Action

Pro-LGBTQIA+ Rights

Pro-Abortion Rights

Pro-Universal Healthcare

AGAINST Corporate Greed!

“Disrupt the Corrupt”

Embedded video on YouTube of Marianne Williamson.

Media & Appearances

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Affiliate Links & Partnerships

AAPI Culturally-Responsive

Mental Healthcare Services

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US-Based Virtual

Executive Assistant Services

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