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Sam M.


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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Champion

Community Builder & Networker

Human Rights & Equity Advocate

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Certified Tarot Advisor & Healer

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Loving Human

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About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal landing page! I am so excited to share my passions with you! As you may have seen, my name is Sam (she/her/hers) and I love being inspired, especially by and with my communities. I LOVE collaborating and I LOVE getting to work alongside open-minded, heart-centered humans doing the good work in this world! I surround myself with caring individuals who all share a common passion of making this world a better place in our own ways with our own lived experiences. My vision is to build bridges that bring people together by influencing them to their own personal power, understanding, and self-love! I am a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,, Belonging, and Justice Advocate and have the pleasure of working alongside so many amazing humans dedicating their lives to creating the change. I can't wait for you to see what I have been up to and see what resonates with you! I'd love to connect and see how we might support each other! With Love and Light, Sam

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Conscious Altruism



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Mission Statement

1) To provide fertile grounds for passionate leaders, changemakers, advocates, and community members to plant the seeds that lead to mobilizing and driving grassroots movements. To help build the momentum needed to reach global impact.

2) To spark a national equity movement by re-envisioning what a tier-less system could look like. To lower financial barriers for those in need to access quality resources, support, guidance, and opportunities by recognizing the power in numbers.

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As of Feb. 13, 2023

Etsy Shop: 40 Sales, 5 Stars

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As of Feb. 13, 2023

EvolvMe: 5 Reviews, 5 Stars

"When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with A.L.I.G.N.E.D. Tarot coaching, my mind inevitably concludes that Sharmaine and Sam are “blessings in disguise.”

"With all the mental stressors that come with my everyday work and personal life, I was ready to try something different. Tarot Coaching seemed to fit that bill. I really enjoyed Sam’s intuitive Tarot readings—I didn’t know exactly what I was needing, so I let Sam and the cards guide me. Each week, the readings interestingly hit exactly what I was needing “at that moment” plus additional things that maybe I needed to hear but didn’t know it yet—which is where Sharmaine comes in with our weekly coaching sessions.

Sharmaine is the perfect psychological reinforcement with her blend of optimistic vitality and consistent support. Sharmaine is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. She definitely has an adept talent for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out clarity, purpose, and desire that is often difficult to pinpoint on your own. I will admit, I had many limiting beliefs and sometimes a bit on the confusing side for thoughts, but Sharmaine was skillful in “realigning” them so to speak, in a way that added a meaningful direction and guidance.

The A.L.I.G.N.E.D. Tarot coaching program provided me with the resources, tactics, and application guidance I needed to break my limiting beliefs in life as well as in my business. Both Sharmaine and Sam have not only been amazing coaches, but also caring humans. Their strategies and guidance have inspired and re-shifted me to be in alignment with my values and passions. Sharmaine and Sam are a one-of-a-kind duo and I would highly recommend them and this program to anyone open and ready to get some alignment in their life!"

"Amazing, awesome general reading!!! This was the first time I’ve purchased a reading on Etsy and I am more than satisfied with my purchase! Samantha has a special gift and talent you definitely need to experience. I like that she uses tarot along with oracle cards and clarifies within her readings. She gave me insight as to themes and energies currently going on in my life, some of the blockages I’m experiencing along with helpful information towards possible solutions... it was very informative, I got the answers I was looking for, it felt therapeutic, and was creepily accurate lol Try it out, you won’t regret it!!!"

"This personalized tarot reading was exactly what I needed! She was very thorough and detailed in her approach to my questions about my career. I loved how she used a combination of different cards to provide a wholesome reading. I resonated with the cards very much and I will be buying another reading again in the future."

"I had the pleasure of getting a reading from Sam and she was fantastic! Very sweet, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks Sam!"

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"Let me preface by saying that I receive a great deal of readings and healings as I work in the field and find it important to receive these types of services regularly as part of my clearing and releasing process, so I have a unique perspective and can be quite picky when it comes to the practitioner’s I go to. Very recently, I had a reading with Sam and right away her energy was calming and inviting, which is incredibly important. However, I was not prepared for how accurate and insightful her reading was of me, very much like I was speaking to someone whom I have known closely for years, and we had never met until this point. I left feeling a strong sense of healing and completion that is rare for me. I would suggest Sam to anyone as she is a balanced and well-rounded intuitive and healer!"

"Sam is an absolute delight to be with in a reading session. She radiates a calming and caring energy that immediately puts you at ease once the session starts and continues to do so until the session is over. I call myself a veteran card reader and I was amazed at her creative approach of use of new and different spreads not commonly used by myself and other readers. To this, I applaud her highly creative skills that she confidently wields as it is her innate gift that she possesses. Her spot on intuition adds a deeper level to weaving the story of the cards to truly reinforce that she knows her craft. Leaving the session, I felt complete that all my questions were answered. I encourage you to have a session with Sam."

"WOW!!! What an amazing reading! I’ve had a few different tarot readings before but this was definitely my favorite one. I loved how Sam helped me get clear on my questions & what I wanted to know. Having the right questions is important because the answers will only be as good as the questions. Sam genuinely cares about you and delivers the messages from the Universe in way that clicks for you. It blew me away how the reading was so accurate & insightful. I’m so grateful for the helpful guidance I received. Thank you for doing what you do. You are truly gifted!! Will be getting more readings in the future!"

"I had my first tarot cards reading by Samantha recently and man… she was so sweet and caring! Usually I get really nervous when it come to tarot cards reading, but the experience I had with her was amazing. The reading was really on point and she clarified a lot which is really nice. I’ll definitely go back to her in the near future"

"Love Love Love! The readings are so on point….whether it may be immediate, past, or things I’ll notice and see more of later on! It really helped bring clarity into my current energy and life. I got one as a gift for my hubby and he said it was so spot on that he was able to get some helpful insights and validation for his own journey. Highly recommend!!"

"Sam did an amazing career reading for me! I felt that her level of insight was spot on and provided some clarity around some business decisions I was hesitant about making. I also appreciate the journal prompts to go along with my video so that I can write down any insights I have and it’s something I can go back to revisit a few months from now to see my progress. Highly recommend."

"Very helpful guidance and insight into my future career! The reading was thorough and clear, with well timed pacing that was easy to follow and understand. She has a true gift and provided me just the right amount of analysis to help me reflect on my current and upcoming path."

"I just had my second reading with Sam. She is an extremely gifted reader and uses different types of oracle and tarot cards intuitively throughout the reading. It really gives you a full and accurate message. There were a few questions I wanted to ask, and before I could even ask, she had already answered them all with the first pull of her deck! Incredible! Though, it is Sam's compassion and dedication to her clients that make this one of the most phenomenal card readings I have had!"

"I recently had a card reading with Sam. I’ve had tarot and oracle card readings in the past and sometimes they can feel so dry and impersonal. But not with Sam! Sam is so welcoming and radiates joy. She blends her creative and intuitive skills into a card reading style that is uniquely her own. The messages I received were spot on and exactly what I was needing to hear (and be reminded of) in that moment. I highly recommend booking a reading with Sam!"

"I received my reading within 24 hours of purchase and I LOVED it!! Career was the main focus of my reading and Saussie Tarot was able to identify a lot of things that were relevant to my current situation - including the kind of month I was having as well as the challenges I was facing. Also, the advise that was given was also spot-on, and I had planned to do EXACTLY what was mentioned in the reading to overcome the challenges. Overall, I loved the reading and I found Saussie Tarot's reading not only spot on but delivered in a way that was kind but direct and meaningful. I sincerely felt that she read the energy and emotions I had been feeling. Thanks so much Saussie Tarot - I highly recommend a reading from her!!"

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I will never reach out to anyone directly to book readings or accept payment. @conscious.altruism is my official Instagram account and @saussietarot is my official TikTok account. All other spellings and variations should be reported and blocked. Bookings are only through my website and EvolvMe.

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If you ever left a tarot reading wishing you could take it a step further or have gone through a coaching program wishing you dug deeper and opened up more, the A.L.I.G.N.E.D. Tarot Coaching program was created just for you! Even if you have never had a tarot reading before or been to a single coaching session in your life, we would love to be your firsts!

First, we begin with the seven chakras, the main energy centers of the body. When all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, creating harmony between the physical body, mind, and spirit. This is called alignment. Chakra translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit and you can imagine them like wheels of free-flowing positive energy that can become blocked or stuck. This program has been developed to help you explore the areas in your life that are out of balance, uncovering those blockages in your life that are preventing you from living in alignment.

With the guidance and expertise of Coach Sharmaine and Saussie Tarot, no matter where you are in your life journey, our program can help you dive deeper to discover your core values and how to live in alignment with them. It will help you gain more self-confidence, discover your self-worth, dive deeper into your own self-love, and lead to fuller self-acceptance and authenticity. When you are aligned with body, mind, and spirit, you will vibrate at a higher level, which can lead you to feeling lighter, happier, and more at ease with the path you’re on.

Here’s to feeling the joy in building self-confidence. Here’s to truly trusting and amplifying your voice in developing your self-worth. Here’s to living freely and authentically by accepting who you truly are. Here’s to getting in alignment with your core values, with the essence of your authentic self, and to finding balance and healing.

Here’s to being and experiencing

Seven Chakras

A wareness to unlock long-lasting change

L ove and embracing yourself wholly and completely

I ntention on living your life on purpose and with purpose

G rowth through grace

N on-judgment of yourself and remembering that we are all human BEings

E mpowerment to grow beyond your comfort zone into higher authenticity

D iscovery of your own innate gifts, truth, and true self.

Meet Your Guides

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Sam (she/her)

Saussie Tarot










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Sharmaine (she/her)

Sharmaine Denise Coaching


=Tarot Coaching

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Sharmaine is a Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation

Teacher, and soon-to-be Certified Moonologer. She has a

degree in Theology and Religious Studies and holds certifications

as a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Life Coach, and Meditation and

Mindfulness Teacher. Her formal training working as a healthcare

professional for over a decade has helped her gain insight in what it

means to serve others and helped her adapt a unique perspective exploring ways people seek healing. Feeling the call to deeply connect with people on

a spiritual level, Sharmaine was led to coaching. Sharmaine’s mission is to cultivate unconditional love through self-awareness, compassion, integrity, acceptance, and forgiveness. She is here to empower and guide you through the roadblocks that prevent you from living in alignment and allowing your own light to shine. She uses NLP coaching techniques, shadow work, crystal and chakra healing, and meditation as some of her healing modalities to empower you to tap into your own unique gifts. True power, love, and

peace come from within and for communities to create sustainable

change, we must take radical responsibility for ourselves and do the

“soul” work.

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Sam is a Certified Tarot Advisor through Biddy

Tarot, the leading company for online tarot resources

and certification across the globe. Sam's specialties include

transformation and healing, uncovering blocks, and guiding/advising

clients towards their own power, understanding and self-love. She

is an intuitive reader, incorporating Numerology, Astrology,

Human Design, Crystals and Law of Attraction teachings into her

readings as she feels called. Sam believes there is a connection between Tarot and the subconscious mind, therefore, using it as a mental health tool to support clients on their healing journeys and alongside their mental

health services and therapy. As a DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Advocate, she also strives to incorporate equitable practices and inclusion into her business model and in the way she serves her clients. She understands that Tarot and Spirituality may not always be understood and

is always happy to answer any questions or walk you through the process

to calm any potential anxieties. She also provides her clients with a

Preparation Guide accessible below:

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