Conscious Altruism

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Mission & Vision

1) To provide fertile grounds for passionate leaders, changemakers, advocates, and community members to plant the seeds that lead to mobilizing and driving grassroots movements. To help build the momentum needed to reach global impact.

2) To spark a national equity movement by re-envisioning what a tier-less system could look like. To lower financial barriers for those in need to access quality resources, support, guidance, and opportunities by recognizing the power in numbers and breaking down our oppressive foundations rooted in privilege and power imbalances.

Opening Message

I am so incredibly happy to have you join the very beginnings of a global movement towards equality, equity, and universal LOVE! I welcome all who have expressed a passion for being in a community that activates progress and advancement, learning and understanding, openness and appreciation, vulnerability and care. We, as a community, welcome people of all genders, gender identities, and those who do not identify with any gender; people of all ethnicities, nationalities, and immigration status; all humans located nationally within the United States of America and across the globe; all people with disabilities, whether visible or invisible; people of all sexualities and those for whom no labels fit; people of all bodies and the different ways in which they are experienced; all survivors; all people who identify as advocates, allies, and activists, and those who do not; all people who identify as single, married, partnered, dating, divorced, widowed, or in a monogamous, open, polyamorous, or ethical non-monogamous relationship (or anything else!); all who identify as sex-positive and those who do not; all humans over 18 years of age. We accept all of your emotions as valid, whether of joy, grief, rage, contentment, disappointment, hope, and all others, so long as you are following our rules of conduct and respecting the safety and boundaries of your peers; all families and their various structures, whether genetic or not; people of all faiths, religious traditions and practices and all who participate in private practices that don't belong to a religion or tradition; all who identify as agnostic, atheist, seeking, spiritual and more; all who identify as veterans and those who do not. And finally, we would like to recognize and acknowledge the first people of the ancestral and unceded territories that we now occupy. We would like to honor the elders, past and present, and the descendants who are citizens of these lands. We recognize that the Tribes are still here and we are committed to lifting up their stories, culture, and communities in a way that is meaningful to them.

As we expand our resources, we will continue to expand on the availability of resources within the community and increasing our reach with folks aligned with the values on which this community was founded. We will also increase the availability of accommodations and we welcome all suggestions and tips for ways to implement practices that are low or no cost to us as we work on building and accumulating resources.

The above message is a non-exhaustive list and we welcome suggestions for any additions, but please understand, changes will be made at our own discretion. Thank you!

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Leading With Our Core Values

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A VIRTUAL EVENT bringing together diverse industry leaders, community builders, and members at large to bridge to nurture relationships and build allyship for global change.

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Sam (she/her) - Founder

Sam is the founder of The Conscious Altruism Movement (TCAM), formerly known as The Conscious Altruism Community. She is a Champion for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ) and completed her online certification in Leading Diverse Teams & Organizations in early 2022. It was this program and her trust in the guidance of the Universe that sparked her DEIBJ journey that would then set her off onto the next chapter of the rest of her life!

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The Conscious Altruism Movement

Community Resource Guide!

A community-driven, community-centered, human-centered, inclusive, educational, UPDATED, list of resources to empower communities with access! There are so many resources out there, but they’re often outdated, unmanaged, unchecked, and sometimes confusing and harsh on the eyes. The goal here is to create a guide by and for diverse communities whether you are seeking resources for financial hardship, to seeking employment opportunities, or looking for ways to get involved with advancing society and social justice!

This is currently the beta version and will eventually become a member-only resource

Access The Conscious Altruism Movement Community Resource Guide

Conscious Altruism Chats

The Conscious Altruism Chats are meant to bring diverse perspectives together to discuss experiences around a chosen topic or theme that aligns with all participants in some way. These conversations will hopefully lead to networking opportunities, collaborations, and expanded perspectives of the world around us.

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