Conscious Altruism

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Mission Statement

1) To provide fertile grounds for passionate leaders, changemakers, advocates, and community members to plant the seeds that lead to mobilizing and driving grassroots movements. To help build the momentum needed to reach global impact.

2) To spark a national equity movement by re-envisioning what a tier-less system could look like. To lower financial barriers for those in need to access quality resources, support, guidance, and opportunities by recognizing the power in numbers and breaking down our oppressive foundations rooted in privilege and power imbalances.

[coming soon!] How to Join the Community Gatherings & Ultimately the Movement !

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Coming soon!

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Part Two

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Are you a changemaker, leader, mobilizer, advocate, activist, volunteer, or community member who is interested in driving and/or supporting impact movements? If so, this may be the community for you!

These FREE online virtual gatherings are a great way to meet other mission, passion, and purpose-driven individuals willing to share space and experiences and become vulnerable within an intimate setting.

To maintain as safe a space as possible for all attendees, these events are invite-only by current members. HOWEVER, you are welcome to schedule a quick chat with me to get acquainted and see if we might be a good fit! Below you will find a link to schedule with me provided that you pass the screening questions. Thank you for your interest!!

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[coming soon!] The Conscious Altruism Movement

Community Resource Guide!

A community-driven, community-centered, human-centered, inclusive, educational, UPDATED, list of resources to empower communities with access! There are so many resources out there, but they’re often outdated, unmanaged, unchecked, and sometimes confusing and harsh on the eyes. The goal here is to create a guide by and for diverse communities whether you are seeking resources for financial hardship, to seeking employment opportunities, or looking for ways to get involved with advancing society and social justice!

Once this launches, you can gain access by requesting to become a part of the online community!

Sam (she/her) - Founder

Sam is the founder of The Conscious Altruism Movement (TCAM), formerly known as The Conscious Altruism Community. She is a Champion for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ) and completed her online certification in Leading Diverse Teams & Organizations in early 2022. It was this program and her trust in the guidance of the Universe that sparked her DEIBJ journey that would then set her off onto the next chapter of the rest of her life!

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